Psycho-social impact of infertility

This scholarly paper requires the student to write about a current health issue related to the childbearing or childrearing family. Students will choose from a specific list of topics, which will be provided by the course professor. Students must choose from the list of topics as posted for their specific section. If a student submits a scholarly paper that is not included in the list of topics for their section, a grade of “0” may be assigned to the assignment. • The paper should analyze the impact of the health issue on the health of the young family. • One determinant of health will be discussed as they relate to the issue. • An analysis of professional nursing literature relevant to the issue will be incorporated. • Related nursing strategies to support the health of the family will then be discussed with the integration of relevant literature. • The student must submit a new and original scholarly assignment. Assignments that have been previously submitted for this, or other courses, will not be accepted. • Students will incorporate a selection of the assigned scholarly peer-reviewed journal articles for each topic.