Mental Health in the African Americans

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Grading Rubric Research Paper: Draft Name: ____________ Date: ________________ Points: _________/10 Criteria Points Comments Introduction • Introduction of paper topic • A thesis statement identifies topic, purpose and scope of paper • 3 bullet points /2 Review of the Literature • Discusses the nursing issue. • Discusses impact on topic on nurses, patients • Each viewpoint should be clearly explained and supported with literature. • 10 bullet points /2 Discussion • How does issue does impact nursing practice • 10 bullet points /2 Conclusion • Summary of the main points discussed in the paper and brings the discussion to a close • 4 bullet points /2 References • Literature review includes a minimum of 6 peer reviewed journal articles. • Articles are appropriate to topic and clearly support discussion. • Articles are no more than 6 yrs old /2 Please only books, article, and journals no older than 6 years old. Grading Rubric for Research Paper: Final Name: ____________ Date: ________________ Points: _________/30 Criteria Points Comments