Open-angle glaucoma

MH is a 70-year-old female with open-angle glaucoma. She had Argon laser trabeculoplasty and was discharged on 0.005% latanoprost ophthalmic solution and 0.25% timolol ophthalmic solution. Upon return to the clinic she is concerned about the “darkening of the color of her eyes and eyelashes.” In addition to the concern about her eyes, she complains that she frequently feels like she needs the bathroom, but does not “pee” much. Her friend was started on Detrol LA® and wonders if it would help her too? Her physical assessment notes: VS – T 98.7°F, HR 88, RR 20, BP 138/88, non-fasting blood glucose 105. No optic abnormalities. Urinalysis negative for possible infection. Assignment: 1. Name three nursing priorities, and why? 2. List a short-term (during shift) and a long-term (within one week) SMART goal for the patient? 3. What are the classification, action, and therapeutic effects (reason) for timolol and latanoprost? 4. List drug interactions or contraindications to be concerned about for timolol and latanoprost? 5. What adverse effects/side effects does the nurse need to monitor for timolol and latanoprost? 6. What is the action, interaction, contraindications, side effects/adverse effects of Detrol LA®? Would this be an appropriate treatment for MH? Why or why not? 7. Name three important discharge teaching topics and your rationale