Refer to the Desjardins Ch. 2 reading to answer the following: I attached the source

What are the main ideas of virtue ethics? In particular, what is eudemonia and how can it be achieved?
How does virtue ethics differ from utilitarianism and Kantian ethics? What are the main criticisms of virtue ethics?
Identify a time you have taken a moral stand in order to adhere to the moral code of an organisation you have belonged to (e.g. a sporting, cultural or commercial organisation).
Refer to the Desjardins Ch. 8 and 9 readings to answer the following:I attached the sources ch8+ ch9

What is the difference between the ‘caveat emptor’, ‘negligence’ and ‘strict liability approach’ to product liability? Which do you think is most appropriate?
Define the following pricing practices and provide an example for each: price gouging, monopolistic pricing, price fixing, and predatory pricing.
What are the ethical issues concerning marketing and advertising in relation to consumer ‘autonomy’ and ‘targeting the vulnerable’? Discuss with reference to utilitarian and Kantian ethics.
Find one example of an advertisement in a newspaper, magazine or online that you believe is morally questionable and explain why, drawing on the three major ethical theories in your answer. Attach a copy of the advertisement (or a link) to your assignment.

Advertising of harmful products (such as tobacco, alcohol and gambling) should be banned.Use my sources or any academic source .

Submit a one-page picture (either as a separate file or embedded in your word file) which encapsulates the main points you learned from the previous week. This may contain text but must contain pictures.Please note that the topic of previous week was- Is Fair Trade fair?Use the Fair Trade Association of Australia and New Zealand: +Fair Labor Association in attached.

Select one of your possible research topics and discuss how it might be analysed from a virtue ethics perspective. Be sure to consider Aristotle’s list of virtues and the extent to which they are consistent with the actions of the key decision-makers. Consider also whether you believe the actions are likely to result in eudaemonia for the decision-makers,


A key component of willpower is eating well. As per the Nestle (2015) article below, while there are many fad diets, the fundamental principles of nutrition have remained the same for many years – a balanced diet consisting high in vegetables.

For this week,

a) Choose one change that you can make to improve the health of your diet; and
b) During the week note when you did or did not implement this change.
Reference: I attached it.

Nestle (2015) “Eating Made Simple”, Scientific American, Special Edition, 24 (2s), pp. 39-45


Advise John Jones of the tax consequences of Items 1 – 6, above. You should discuss what amounts would be included in his assessable income or, if any item is not assessable income, why that is so. Your answer should include a discussion of the following:

Whether he return on a cash or accrual basis.
Whether particular amounts are ordinary income or statutory income (including capital).
Under what sections of the Acts the particular amounts are assessable.
How the quiz show winnings are to be treated.
What are the tax consequences of the share certificate proposal, if he was to proceed with the plan.
What case law is relevant to the issues raised.