Address the following points in your initial responses:
•You are seeing a client who has recurring symptoms of endometriosis. She is interested in reviewing her options for family planning advice. She is six weeks postpartum and did not start a birth control method since delivery. What would be in your care plan? What would you advise regarding family planning methods?
•A client presents to you with a complaint of perineal itching. What are your differential diagnoses, and how would you go about determining the diagnosis? You might want to create a table to which you can refer. Cite sources. What would you consider to be your best source of up-to-date information? Have you ever called up the CDC for information? What would you discuss regarding partner management?
•Your client comes in stating that she “always gets yeast infections” and that she has one again. You verify this diagnosis with a wet mount that supports your inspection and speculum exam. How would you approach management? What differential diagnosis as to etiology would you include? What additional testing would you consider?
•Your client presents complaining of “a swollen lump down there.” What would your initial differential diagnoses include? What parts of your physical assessment would help with your diagnosis? What labs would be indicated? For each possible diagnosis (relate directly to this primary symptom), what would be your treatment plan? If you needed to wait for lab results, what measures might be taken immediately until diagnoses are confirmed?