2. Conduct research on the topic of ethics in public health, and specifically the ethics of population based healthcare and the infringement on individual rights. Be sure to include a references to a minimum of 3 articles in your paper. 3. After listening to the podcast you will compile a 3 to 5 page paper that addresses the following questions. • What is going on? Provide a brief summary of the stories in the pod cast (Typhoid Mary and the Search for Patient Zero at the outbreak of the AIDS epidemic). • In each story describe the key issues confronting public health practitioners when seeking to balance individual freedom and liberty with that of the public good. • If you were the public health official dealing with both stories (Typhoid Mary and the individual first believed to be patient zero, Gaetan Dugas) and their respective situations, what would you have done differently, if anything? o Upon what personal beliefs and values do you base your opinion? • If either Typhoid Mary or Gaetan Dugas (originally thought to be patient zero) were your brother and sister would your opinion change? • If you were Typhoid Mary or Gaetan Dugas, what would your opinion be of balancing individual freedom with the public good? Paper Details and Requirements ? Total available points: 100 ? Feel free to organize your paper in any, being sure to address the main questions above. ? Minimum of three (3) pages and no more than five (5). ? Double spaced, no smaller than 11-point font. ? Loosely follow APA writing guidelines (note: you will not be graded for your adherence of APA writing guidelines; however, you should be familiar with these). This includes