Internal Code:MAS89 Nursing Case Study Assignment: Case Study:Lynda Lynda is a 28 year old female who has a 10 year history of bipolar disorder. She has a history of non-adherence to her prescribed medication. Lynda was admitted after her parents rang triage team expressing concern that Lynda was relapsing. They reported Lynda has poor concentration, not been sleeping, was spending money excessively and had started to become very impulsive and Mental Health Practice unpredictable. She had also been verbalising her grandiose delusion of being a member of the royal family. Family History: Lynda is an only child; her parents are very supportive and have a good relationship with Lynda. Lynda’s maternal grandmother and her aunt have a diagnosis of bipolar disorder. Lynda’s parents are active members of the carer’s group run by the local Mental Health service. Lynda will be discharged next week, and requires education on her discharge medications. Medical History: NAD Lynda has a long history of bipolar disorder, first diagnosed at the age of 18, several acute admissions over a 10 year period. Lynda has been diagnosed with bipolar disorder and is currently being managed on a mood stabiliser – Quilonum SR– 450mg BD. Current Mental State Examination Appearance & Behaviour: – Olive complexion with shoulder length brown hair styled – Average height (164 cm) and weight (63kg) – Dressed appropriate to weather – Wearing heavy makeup/multiple bracelets, rings, necklaces. – No distinguishing features (e.g. no scars) – Very friendly in manner, overfamiliar in conversation and gestures at times Cognition: – Orientated to time, place and person – Able to maintain concentration through interview. Mental Health Practice Mood: – Mood appears slightly elevated, – Describes herself as happy, “never been better” Affect: – Bright and reactive. Incongruent at times when discussing events leading to admission Speech: – Pressured at times, but able to be interrupted – Expansive in conversation – Loud at times Form of thought: – Logical and sequential , occasionally tangential – Not grossly thought disordered Content of thought: – Grandiosity in theme, Lynda keen to inform people that she is a member of the royal family. Perception: – No perceptual disturbances elicited Insight: – Some insight into illness, states she knows she has Bipolar and will reluctantly take medication if it means she can be discharged home and not be in hospital. Judgement: – Poor judgement Question: Provide a Medication management plan for the given individual. Please include the following areas in your management plan: 1.What physical health considerations should be considered before giving this medication to the consumer? 2.Provide a rationale for the use of this medication to the consumer. 3.What are the side effects / adverse effects of this medication? And how will you manage these effects? 4.How is medication management influenced by recovery principles in mental health? 14 total views, 2 views today