Human Resources – Training and development


Use the OUTLINE that you wrote – You are writing the first 5 pages of this paper. This in the end will be a 15 page paper. See all attachments. The outline you wrote is labeled Training and development Plan. Please use the attachment labeled Basic academic paper formatting. The outline you did was great write on point. Your task will be to design a training program for the professional and non-professional staff at a Senior Living Facility. The project, in its simplest form, is to design a training and development (T&D) program. The devil is in the details! The project is centered on developing the above T&D program for a senior living facility. The facility involves serving clients of the area in

Independent Living, Assisted Living and 24 hour Skilled Nursing. Go to the following link to become familiar with various Senior Living choices: I am including an attached organization chart of the River & Bluffs Senior Living Corporation (RBSLC). Also, see the corresponding Job Description of some of the duties of the major roles in the RBSLC Organization Chart. Your task is to design a training plan to help train the members of this organization in everything not covered in their detailed state and federal medical compliance training! ( So skip any medical or state and federal compliance training that is related to the medical areas in RBSLC.) Your training program should include the following (see Figure 1.2 page 11 in the text) components. Template for your paper: 1. Title page 2. Abstract page 3. Overview of RBSLC 4. Create a Needs Assessment for RBSCL 5. Assume all employees have the readiness to proceed in a training process = Discuss the type of Learning Environment (detail out at least two types of courses to be offered: Topic of course, delivery method(s), helpful room setups and end of training evaluation. 6. In a more generic discussion, how will the RBSLC deliver its’ training 7. How will employees know what courses they have to take and how will RBSLC track training? 8. What type of evaluation will be used and how will this feedback be used to modify training and training outcomes? 9. Reference page 10.Appendices if needed ***(Again all of the above items must be in your paper and should have all 10 items in it) (HINT)*** Your paper is to be 5 pages (this does not include the title page, abstract, references or and addendums that you include.) Your paper must be APA Compliant in all facets: pay particular to basic paper formatting, citations and corresponding references.