Internal code- MAS4346 Health care Assignment Question- Choose ONE of the Deconstruction questions below: 1. Why is it that Aboriginal people who have “mixed blood” are the ones whosucceed in life? 2. Why are all Aboriginal people lazy bums 3. Why don’t Aboriginal people take an interest in their own health? 4. Can we really allow the process of decolonisation? And what are the implications for white Australia? Deconstruct the question in order to demonstrate your understanding of the social determinants of Indigenous health. ‘Deconstruction’ is a process that involves unpacking something. In this case, the very question becomes the focus, rather than the answer. We are interested in assisting you to critique the worldviews, philosophical positions, understandings and assumptions underpinning particular responses to Indigenous health issues. A critical analysis of the question must build a cogent argument that examines the position from which the question was asked. 14 total views, 2 views today