Write a 1650- to 1750-word paper addressing the marketing and branding of a health
care-related product or service. Select a health care-related product or service and
include the following in your paper:
Target Market
What is a target market?
What is the target market of the product or service selected?
What is the importance of selecting a target market?
What issues and questions must be considered when selecting and managing a target market?
What is a brand?
Why is branding important?
After selecting a current common health care brand address the following:
What images or thoughts do you relate to that brand?
Does the branding appeal to the market? Do those images influence consumers decisions
to buy or use that brand?
Is the product successful?
What is the profitability of the product and what is the effect on the bottom line?
If this were your product or service what might you do differently?
Cite a minimum of four scholarly sources.