1. you have been asked to give a presentation on the best places for a visitor to go in your town or city.( Answer the question in approx. 50-100words)
a. what would be the outcome of the presentation.

b. what presentation approach would you use to achieve the intended outcomes?

c. Why do you think is necessary to plan and document your presentation?

Activity 2
You work for an organisation that sells kitchen appliances. A husband and wife have come into your store and have asked you to provide some information on different types of ovens. You notice when first speaking to them that they have quite a strong accents. From further conversation with them you find out they come from Nigeria and have only been in Australia for two months.
1. what presentation strategies might you use? Give at least two examples.

2. What delivery method would you use?

3. How would you match the characteristics of the audience to the presentation? Give at least three strategies

Activity 3.
You are going to give a presentation on workplace safety. Create a three slide Powerpoints presentation that could be used as a presentation aid, material and technique that will enchance audience understanding of key concepts and central ideas. If you cannot access Powerpoint, draw three slides. Explain how you have designed slides to enhance audience understanding of key concepts and central ideas.

Activity 4.
You have been assigned as a leader of a team that is required to give a presentation to your organisation’s employees about new product or service that your organisation has developed. The team is made up for five people. How would you assign others who are going to be involved in the presentation with their roles/responsibilities within the presentation? Approx. 100 words

Activity 5.
1. Think back on some of the best and worst presentations you have experienced. When considering your answer, think in the broadest possible context and include sales presentation, general business presentations or even small group training sessions. How would you evaluate the effectiveness of those presentations? (50-100words)
a. What are the common features of the worst /most ineffective presentation?
b. What are the common features of the best/ most effective presentation you can remember?

2. develop a feedback document/ template that will be effective in capturing reliable information.

Activity 6.
Write an introduction for a presentation that explains and discusses desired outcomes of the presentation with the target audience. The presentation is about collecting outstanding payments from customers/ clients. (100-150 words)

Activity 7.
Design a visual aid for a presentation on the importance of eating healthy food.
Choose or design a presentation aid you might use to support target audience understanding of key concepts and central ideas. You might choose a poster or powerpoint presentation. Explain how your visual aid would help an audience to understand the key concepts and central ideas of your presentation. 50-100 words

Activity 8.
Make a list of 10 rules for non verbal communication during a presentation. Explain why you consider each rule to be important.

Activity 9.
Write a one page speech about the importance of behaving in an environmentally responsible way. Use persuasive communication techniques that would secure audience interest when writing your speech.

Activity 10.
How would you provide opportunities for participants to seek clarification on central ideas and concepts, and adjust presentation to meet participant needs and preferences? Do not limit your ideas to those provided in the text. Give three examples

Activity 11.
Research an article that relates to writing or giving an effective presentation. Print and provide a copy of that article. Summarise the key concepts and ideas of that article. (Approx. 100)

Activity 12.
What techniques would you implement to review the effectiveness of the presentation, seek and discuss reactions to the presentation and utilise feedback to make changes to central ideas presented? Give at least three techniques.

Summative Assessment 1.
Question 1.
Outline the methods you can use to collect information, evaluate and review presentation for example, the three key factors of a presentations: results, reponse and standards. (approx. 100 words)

Question 2.
What regulatory and organisational obligations would be relevant when preparing and giving presentations?

Question 3.
Explain the principles of effective communication used in making presentation. Give at least four examples.

Question 4.
Describe at least six presentation aids you might use to support sales presentation.

Summative assessment 2
Write the transcript of a presentation on a topic of your choice. You cannot use a topic outlined in the activities of this unit. Your transcript should be suitable for a presentation that is 10 minutes in length. Utilise knowledge you have gained in this unit when writing your presentation. provide and/or document your presentation choice to your trainer/ assessor?
2. Explain what approach you would take to your presentation and why.
3. Identify the intended outcomes of your presentation and explain how you have developed your presentation to meet these outcomes.
4. Identify the strategies you have used in your presentation and explain why you have used them.
5. Create one presentation aid and explain how you would use itto communicate the key concepts and central ideas in your presentation.
6. Explain how you would use effective communication skills, including any culturallyappropriate communication, when giving your presentation.
7. Identify those parts of your presentation where you have provided summaries of key concepts and ideas. Explain why you have placed summaries in the position you have?
8. Ask someone else to read your presentation or perform it for them. Gather feedback from them about how effective they think your presentation is. How would you use their feedback to improve your presentation