Write a paper in APA format about White Population*. Include the following:
I. Overview
II. Demographic ( Include geographic distribution in the U.s # in the U.S population growth)
III. Health Care Practices (what they do to maintain the wellness they seek medical attention? they practice
preventive measurement? etc)
IV. Risk Behaviors
V. Genetic Susceptibility to Chronic Conditions (diseases or conditions seen particularly in this group)
VI. Nutrition
VII. Spirituality (include religious practices)
VIII. Death Rituals
Follow the instructions for this assignment
Be brief
Make sure to include a cover page & reference page.
Write 2 pages. Topics to be used as heading
Check the spelling & grammar
APA format required
Note that White Population refers to White non-Hispanics population. You can select one of German American
and Polish Americans as your interest or do your project for the entire White non-Hispanics population.