Task description :This task will require you to reflect upon and analyse a written or video-based healthcare scenario from an ethico-legal perspective, using Driscoll’s reflective model as a guide. It is expected that you will draw upon the unit content, personal experiences and relevant literature and learning resources to inform your reflection and analysis.

Task length :1500 words

Assessment criteria:

Demonstrates familiarity with key concepts of ethical practice (covered in the unit) pertaining to the chosen situation;

Demonstrates an understanding of the ethico-legal complexities inherent in the situation, and considers the implications of different courses of action;

Shows evidence of developing ethical awareness and how self-reflection may inform your practice and relationships with others;

Writes clearly and succinctly using Driscoll’s model (written in the first-person), with correct grammar, ethico-legal terminology and referencing (Harvard style);

Integrates relevant literature and resources to support and justify key ideas and observations.