Ethical Analysis

Paper Introduction and Alignment From the beginning to the end, the Bible is consistent and true. It holds a place of honor in ethical teaching and is applicable to the practice of nursing. This course assists nurses in applying Christian values and precepts to professional nursing practice. In the Ethical Analysis Paper, you will summarize a scenario from a biblical scripture passage, apply ethical theories and principles, and relate them to the practice of nursing. Upon completion of this assignment you should be able to: Apply nursing practice to ethical issues identified in a biblical scripture passage. Resources Textbook: Ethical Dimensions in the Health Professions Bible: Life Application Study Bible Website: Indiana Wesleyan University Student Catalog: World Changer Aims Background Information Three questions are generally asked when studying a biblical passage. What does it say? What does it mean? How does it apply? As you research your chosen biblical passage, contemplate these questions. Instructions Review the ethical concepts found in Chapter 7 of the textbook, Professional Nursing: Concepts & Challenges. Read the World Changing Aims found in the IWU Student Catalog Choose a story from the Bible that describes an ethical dilemma and describe what happened in your own words. Write a six to eight-page paper that includes the following criteria: Summary of the content of the biblical passage including the story, ethical issue, and outcomes or consequences of choices. Include the scriptural reference. Summarize the passage of scripture in your own words. Do not copy/paste the summary from a biblical reference book or a Bible.

The summary of the scripture section should not exceed one page. A few quotes are acceptable but this should be a paraphrase. Begin your paper with a statement in the introductory paragraph such as, “This paper will summarize the book of Ruth, chapters 1-4, from the Bible.” If you do not have an explanatory phrase similar to this one, you will need to cite each sentence summarizing scripture. Additional Bible passages or sources included in the paper will need to be cited per APA Manual/APA Central format. Write a six to eight-page paper that includes the following criteria: In another paragraph, apply one provision of the ANA Code of Ethics to the passage. In another paragraph, apply an ethical concept from Chapter 7of your textbook Professional Nursing: Concepts and Challenges. Include a description of how the ethical theory or principle fits the passage. In another paragraph, apply one provision of the ANA Code of Ethics to the passage. Identify at least two IWU World Changer characteristics demonstrated in the passage from the IWU World Changing Aims. Apply the Six-Step Ethical Decision-Making process from your textbook, Professional Nursing; Concepts and Challenges to the biblical passage. This paper may be written in the first person, however, maintain professional language You are required to cite and reference a minimum of two scholarly resources in this paper, in addition to the Bible. If you use verses from the Bible, you will not need to reference it. but If you use the study notes at the bottom of the page, you will need to cite and reference the Bible. Your textbook, Professional Concepts & Challenges, may be one of the scholarly resources. Suggested topics: Adam and Eve – Genesis 2:7 – 3:24 Abram/Abraham – Genesis Chapters 12 – 25 Jacob and Esau – Genesis 25:19 – 35:14 Joseph – Genesis Chapters 37, 39 – 50 Moses – Exodus Chapters 1 – 14 The Ten Commandments – Exodus Chapters 19 – 20:20, 32 -34 The book of Ruth The book of Esther The book of Daniel chapters 1-6 The Sermon on the Mount – Matthew Chapters 5 – 7 Email your professor to request faculty permission if there is a different Scripture you would like to use. Proofread your paper for grammar, spelling, and APA errors. Use the Grammarly if that is beneficial to you. Here is the link that explains the use of the Grammarly tool: Remember that the Grammarly tool does not have your nursing knowledge. Some suggestions or comments may not be accurate, but Grammarly is useful as a general tool to assist with improving your writing style as needed.