Nursing Application Essay for Nursing School Admission

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Nursing Entrance Essay

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What is an application essay for nursing school admission?

A nursing school application essay is a written document or personal essay that you submit along with your nursing school or program application. It allows you to demonstrate your interest in nursing and explain why a particular career path or school program is important. An application essay can help you differentiate yourself from other nursing school candidates. The purpose of the essay is to demonstrate that you are a deserving student for admission to the nursing school program.

In some cases, a well-written essay may have a greater impact on your acceptance into a school or nursing program than your other credentials or application materials, such as grades, recommendation letters, or test scores.

What’s included in an application essay for nursing school admission?

You frequently include experiences in your application essay for nursing school admission that have shaped you personally, academically, or professionally. It could be a specific incident from your past, a summary of several significant life events, or a look ahead at your future goals and dreams.

Here are some examples of what to include in a nursing school application essay:

  • Specific reasons why you are interested in the nursing industry.
  • Why did you choose a particular nursing program or school?
  • Your visions and goals for a successful nursing career.
  • Individual achievements, such as exceptional test scores or accomplishments
  • Previous medical experiences, such as volunteer work, internships, or personal health crises
  • Personality characteristics and academic interests
  • Additional justifications for approving your admission

How to write an application essay for nursing school admission

If you’re considering applying to nursing school and will be required to write an application essay, the following seven steps may be helpful:

  1. Read the essay guidelines

Depending on the number of nursing schools or programs to which you apply, you may need to write multiple versions of your application essay, as each may have its own set of rules or requirements. Thoroughly read all directions and make a note of any word count requirements or maximums, as well as any specific topics that must be covered. Following instructions is an excellent first step toward writing an effective application essay, and personalizing each one can also demonstrate your dedication and desire.

  1. Decide the focus of your essay

Consider which information you want to include in your application essay. Several examples include:

  • Your previous accomplishments.
  • Your goals for a nursing program and career.
  • A meaningful example of how nursing has impacted you or your family.

Consider capturing your past, present, and future accomplishments and goals, subject to any word count constraints.

If you are limited in terms of word count, concentrate on the most powerful element you can write about that best captures your essence as a nurse. Consider brainstorming topic ideas and soliciting input from family and friends.

  1. Create an outline

Begin with a rough outline and refine it as your ideas and thoughts are organized. An outline can help structure your essay, keep you on track, and provide guidance as you write your draft. Consider outlining various sections or paragraphs you wish to include in your essay, as well as any additional items specified in the directions.

Include the following:

  • An introduction: The introduction informs the reader of the purpose of your essay and captures their attention.
  • The body of your essay: In this section, you will elaborate on your ideas, story, or points through various paragraphs.
  • A conclusion: This is the final paragraph of your essay, and it serves as a memorable way to summarize your essay’s main points.
  1. Make it personal

Personal examples authenticate your application essay and provide a candid look at your personality, allowing an admissions counselor to determine whether you’re a good fit for their nursing program. Avoid using cliches and overused phrases and strive to create honest, vulnerable, and unique content that the reader hasn’t seen before.

  1. Describe your empathy and skillset

Kindness, empathy, and compassion are critical nursing characteristics, and a strong application essay demonstrates these characteristics. Consider telling a personal story about how you naturally exhibit those characteristics throughout your life and how they inspire and motivate you to pursue a career in nursing. For instance, discuss your favorite memories of volunteering at a nursing home or caring for a sibling or parent during an illness or recovery.

  1. Write your first draft

Once you have an outline and are aware that your first draft will not be your final one, begin writing your essay. Often, the most difficult part of the writing process is getting started, and it becomes easier as you write more. Consider keeping paragraphs short to facilitate reading and breaking up material into subsequent paragraphs as needed.

  1. Proofread thoroughly

Before submitting your essay and application, double-check your spelling, formatting, grammar, and sentence structure. Consider first using a computer spell-check program, then printing a paper copy to check for any errors it may have missed and re-reading it several times. Additionally, it is a good idea to have a friend, colleague, or family member proofread your essay or provide feedback and advice. Maintaining an error-free essay can help you make a stronger impression on the admissions counselor who reads it.

Consider meeting with your guidance counselor to review all of your application materials before submitting them, or if you require help brainstorming creative topics to cover.

Tips for writing an application essay for nursing school admission

Besides the steps above, here are three tips for writing an application essay for nursing school admission:

Get started early

Avoid procrastinating on this critical part of the application process, as writing takes time, and a strong essay may require multiple revisions. Begin as soon as possible to help you in developing a well-rounded and impactful essay. Consider noting important dates and submission deadlines on your calendar and working backward to establish personal deadlines for completing the work, such as a first draft and proofreading deadline, for example.

Use writing programs and aids.

Numerous online or computer-based programs exist to help you improve your writing, and many are free. Consider utilizing them to help you in improving your spelling, sentence structure, grammar, and use of the active voice. These programs also simplify the final step of proofreading your application essay.

Read your essay aloud.

Reading your essay aloud can help you in hearing how it sounds to the reader and identifying errors or areas where your structure or writing could be strengthened. You might also consider reading it aloud to a friend or family member. It’s an excellent way to gain valuable insight into the degree to which your essay is engaging or which sections could be improved.