How To Write A Nursing Essay

How To Write A Nursing Essay

Nurses are critical to the success of any sector of the healthcare system. Their presence in hospitals and clinics 24 hours a day, seven days a week, benefits both doctors and patients. When a person becomes ill, they develop an increased sensitivity. Along with medications, injections, and drips, patients desire moral support. It is considered that those who believe in healing recover more quickly than others. And a nurse’s responsibility is to make every effort to provide care and help to patients.

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How to Write a Good Nursing Essay: Steps

How to Begin – The Planning Phase

The key to success while writing a nursing essay is meticulous planning. It is critical to develop an essay structure that is both obvious and robust, considering all of the learning outcomes required for the completed paper.

Along with being familiar with the essay title, it is critical to become familiar with the learning outcomes that are included with all essays since these are a critical component of the students’ general grasp of what is expected of them when submitting their work.

Most importantly, during the planning phase, it is prudent to contact the course tutor or module leader if there is any doubt about the essay’s requirements. While this is possible, clarifying critical questions once the essay is underway may well be too late, as it may result in significant content or structural changes to previously completed work.

A well-structured essay will take the following factors into account:

  • The clarity in terms of the essay’s purpose — is the topic clear?
  • Possessing a firm grasp on the appropriate style of writing, e.g., reflective account, literature review, and so forth.
  • Brainstorm – this is a simple yet effective method for determining vital information. Create headings for the important ideas you wish to include, and then begin building upon them.
  • Where is the word count distributed – there is frequently an allocation of the percentage of marks earned by each part, such as introduction, discussion, and conclusion; make this obvious in the plan.
  • Where is the information necessary to access content? You should conduct a preliminary review of the literature as soon as possible.
  • How much time do you have to complete the assignment? Make a time schedule and stick to it; never leave writing until the last minute since this will undoubtedly detract from the quality of the end piece.

The Introduction

To earn a decent grade, students must write a strong and compelling start to the nursing essay; this demonstrates to the marker that the student understands the nursing assignment completely and provides a hint of the substance that will follow in the discussion. When describing what will be included in the essay in the introduction, it is critical that these goals are carried out and the content reflects them; if detail is not assured to exist in the text, it is prudent to keep the material concise in the introduction.

Always remember that you can change the introduction’s contents once the essay’s main body is complete; this guarantees that the intended content is adequately referenced in the introduction.

While the examiner will expect references from the start, they can be kept to a minimum in the beginning and used just to support the essay’s main features and subject.

The Discussion

This is the nursing student’s opportunity to demonstrate their understanding of the subject about which they are writing. After completing a detailed nursing essay plan, the topic will have been clear; the more difficult task will be locating and accurately applying theories within the discussion that lend weight and credibility to the student’s degree of comprehension of the subject.

The discussion should be broad and relatively unbiased (unless the examiner specifically requests that one side of an argument be emphasized), providing the marker with a well-rounded and current understanding of the subject, indicating that the student has read widely about the subject and has subsequently acquired a strong knowledge of it.

The discussion section of a typical essay contains the majority of the essay’s content. It is where the student must put all of the relevant arguments they wish to cover in the nursing essay. The discussion is where the student must provide the evidence gathered to address the question or proposed discussion topic.

The Conclusion

At this point in the essay, it is critical not to introduce new information or add new strands to the subject. The conclusion is designed to be a section in which the student can express informed thoughts about the data, facts, and arguments presented during the discussion. This is where material can be validated or contested, and when appropriate, recommendations for further practice are provided, allowing the student to apply theories developed during the conversation. As with the introduction, the conclusion must have a powerful impact and leave no mistake in the marker’s mind about whether the initial topic has been adequately addressed.


In the United Kingdom, the ‘Harvard System’ is the most often used academic referencing system, while in the US, ‘APA’ is widely adopted. Although knowing references might be akin to learning a new language for many first-time nursing essay writers, if a firm grasp of the style is acquired, it can be applied smoothly to work. Students must understand that reference plays a significant role in determining whether they pass or fail and that accuracy is necessary to boost the overall grade. The objective of referencing is to enable the student to demonstrate extensive research on the chosen topic and to trace the source of knowledge by presenting a brief and precise reference list.

In Summary

Recognizing that many institutions have subtle differences in their grading systems is critical. As such, it is the student’s obligation to become acquainted with their place of study and the expectations placed on them. If a nursing student pays close attention to the preparation, structure, information (argument), presentation, and referencing of the essay, they can expect to earn a passing grade. The ‘pass’ grade earned is contingent upon the degree to which the learning outcomes have been satisfied. Thankfully, students can have a firm grasp of the marker’s expectations by familiarizing themselves with the provided’ marking criteria,’ which correspond to the academic level they are pursuing.


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