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The Most Popular Topics for a Nursing Paper

1. Wages in the nursing profession

Wages remain an area of concern for all nurses. In the past twenty or thirty years, average salaries for nursing personnel have changed dramatically under the influence of different factors. We can conduct a thorough analysis of nursing wages and the way they changed over time. Our conclusions will inform the creation of an informative case study on nursing wages.

2. Death

Death is one more topic used in custom nursing essay writing. It is an inevitable process for all living organisms. However, different cultures treat death in different ways. Nurses must be aware of the cultural differences in how patients approach death. This sample paper may not have a clinical focus, but it is still one of the most popular and influential topics in today’s nursing research.

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You should write a literature review in the format of a bibliographic essay. The writer should include brief citations throughout the body but include complete bibliographic citations at the end. A well-organized review of the literature should follow this format.

  1. Start with an introductory paragraph.

The first paragraph serves as an introduction to a review of the literature. It should clearly define the research topic, the scope of the paper (including excluded material), and the writing style in which the review will be organized. The writer should succinctly summarize critical debates and trends in the literature. An introduction should convey the author’s perspective or point of view on the subject. The writer can use the opening to highlight broad trends, inconsistencies in conclusions or methodology, and research gaps.

  1. Organize major topics and subtopics in the body

Topics and subtopics in a review of literature should be grouped. Groupings can be made according to the subject (e.g., globalization of preventive care), research method (e.g., case study), genre, methodology (e.g., quantitative or qualitative), chronology, or other common characteristics. The author is free to debate the merits of the items contained within the groupings and analyze and compare their relative importance.

To increase readability, a writer should divide the body into several paragraphs that correspond to the field of nursing, different themes, or time periods in literature. A few paragraphs should highlight the remaining gaps in the literature and suggest future research directions. When necessary, the author can explain the significance of the sources.

  1. Summarize the ideas and themes in the conclusion

The concluding paragraph should summarize the literature review’s most significant ideas and themes. The conclusion should not include any new information. A proper conclusion summarizes the major findings and demonstrates how the literature review supports (or refutes) the research. It should also provide context for the topic’s place in nursing research and practice.

A literature review should include appropriate referencing in the format specified by the nursing school or faculty. It will be incomplete if the conclusion does not have a list of references or a bibliography in the required format. The list of sources is a self-contained section containing complete citations for all items in the literature review. The most frequently used formats for a nursing reference list are APA, MLA, APA, and Chicago.

Unless the analysis is historical or widely cited, the best literature review evaluates the quality and existing sources that are less than ten years old. It is critical to conduct literature searches in various formats, including books, government records, nursing databases, and journals. References included in articles and books can help in locating additional resources.