Nursing Dissertation

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Dissertation Topics in Nursing For Research Writing

Before I recommend nursing dissertation ideas, allow me to explain why nursing is an excellent degree to pursue.

To my mind, when it comes to educational investments, receiving a nursing degree is unquestionably the best choice you’ve ever made. Nursing is a job that offers incalculable personal and professional rewards. By pursuing a career as a nurse, you have decided to enrich your life with the ability to help others via the use of skills that combine technical knowledge with compassion and caring. The critical need for professional nurses throughout the world is solid evidence that this career choice will remain viable for many years to come.

However, you must complete a dissertation on a suitable nursing dissertation topic to get a nursing degree. Students earning a degree in nursing have a variety of specialized sectors from which to choose appropriate nursing research topics. The following is a list of fields where you can look for nursing-related subjects.

  • Critical Care Nursing
  • Mental Health / Psychiatric Nursing
  • Pediatric / Child health nursing
  • Geriatric / Older adults nursing
  • Obstetrical / Prenatal Nursing
  • Palliative care/ Hospice care Nursing
  • Clinical management
  • Public health
  • Community Health Nursing
  • Midwifery
  • Health Organizations
  • Evidence-based practice
  • Environmental Health
  • Occupational health and safety
  • Models and Theories in Nursing

List of Dissertation Topics in Nursing

I’ve compiled a list of nursing dissertation themes that you can use for assignments, research papers, essays, or if you’re asked to submit a nursing dissertation proposal.

  1. Role of Nurses in Pain Management in Patients Affected with Dementia.
  2. The Effects of Stress on Nursing Staff Working with Patients in Mental Health.
  3. The Contribution of Physical Activity to the Improvement of Cognitive Functioning and Neuropsychiatric Disturbances in Dementia Patients.
  4. A high nursing staff turnover rate in a community hospital may jeopardize patient safety and result in underperformance in a small healthcare facility: analyzing causes and potential solutions.
  5. A comparison of the private and public healthcare systems in the United Kingdom.
  6. Risk management and needs assessment in health care.
  7. The potential benefits of cognitive-behavioral treatment in combination with standard care in symptom reduction and recovery in individuals with schizophrenia versus standard care alone.
  8. Enhance and standardize the quality of care in the KAMC neonatal critical care unit by formulating and implementing standard continuous infusion drug concentrations.
  9. How effective is the management of dementia in the elderly (over 65 years) in the United Kingdom?
  10. Nursing Staff Competence in Dementia Care.
  11. Evaluation of Nurses’ Experience, Training, and Skill Requirements for Patients Affected by Dementia.
  12. The Nurse’s Role in Improving Cognitive Functioning and Neuropsychiatric Disturbances in Patients with Dementia: A Case Study from the United Kingdom.
  13. A holistic approach to pediatric HIV/AIDS: Is a holistic approach to antiretroviral medication and primary care a promising methodology for improving the health of these infected children?
  14. A multidisciplinary approach to childhood obesity.
  15. Counseling for mental health in diverse cultures.
  16. Has the integration of mental health services into primary care systems improved health outcomes for mentally ill people in developing countries?
  17. Addressing the needs of rural youth: an examination of rural mental health care provision.
  18. Adjustment and attachment among urban children whose mothers struggle with substance abuse, HIV, and mental illness.
  19. The association between a lengthier stay with a peripheral intravenous catheter and an increased risk of complications in pediatric patients, including infiltration and phlebitis.
  20. A study of the effect of current medical malpractice issues on the quality of obstetrical healthcare services. A case in point.
  21. Support for clergy mental health by denominations.
  22. The Contribution of Physical Activity to the Mental Health of Dementia Patients in Nigeria.
  23. Pain Management Techniques Administered by Nursing Staff to Mental Health Patients
  24. Critical Care Nursing in Patients with Mental Illness