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The reason for writing various papers is to gauge the knowledge and professional capability that a student has been gaining after learning for a specific period. For instance, a term paper allows a lecturer to assess the level of understanding of concepts taught over a semester. Additionally, nursing papers allow testing of the ability of a student to communicate since nursing is a profession that involves a lot of communication with peers and patients. Nurses write various documents such as memos, emails, and presentations during practice, thus requiring polishing their writing skills at school. These are the essential papers that a nursing student writes at specific training times.

Nursing Essay: A short piece of writing on a subject to inform or persuade the reader

Nursing Assignment: A paper discussing topical issues significant to health care supported by evidence

Nursing Term paper: A paper at the end of an academic semester on a topic that the writer supports using research facts.

Nursing Case study: A paper detailing the outcome of an investigation on a person or group on issues relating to healthcare over a period

Nursing Coursework: A long paper covering various topics learned over an academic year.

Nursing Capstone project: A paper near the end of a nursing degree program providing solutions to a medical problem.

Nursing Thesis: An extended end of master’s degree program assignment presenting information from research on a given subject in the specialization.

Nursing Dissertation: A final year paper at the end of a doctorate program presenting evidence-backed information that adds new knowledge to the field.



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