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Human ecology is a Trans-disciplinary study of the relationship between humans and their social, natural, and built environments. It has a diffuse history with progressions in sociology, geography, psychology, zoology, anthropology, psychology, epidemiology, home economics, and public health, among others. For you to understand the health patterns, one must focus on the human ecology other than the personal behaviors and biological characteristics. The human environment and their experiences have a great influence on their health.

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The Natural Equilibrium of Ecology

Ecology studies the natural balance that enables organisms to survive in a given environment. Throughout human history, numerous technological advancements that advanced the species as a whole have also posed challenges to the natural world’s equilibrium, which must remain stable to protect the environment. Man-made technologies have proven to be the single greatest threat to ecological balance and human ecology in numerous ways.

Ironically, despite the fact that technology has wreaked havoc on the environment over the last several centuries, many scientists and environmentalists now view emerging technologies and scientific advancements as potentially beneficial tools for reestablishing ecological balance in the environment. While human progress and development will almost certainly never be slowed or halted, new technologies have been developed to support what is known as sustainable development. Sustainable development is a process that integrates industrial and commercial growth with environmentally responsible practices.

Along with sustainable development, technology can have an effect on the ecological balance through processes known as bioremediation. Bioremediation is a process that aims to repair and, if possible, reverse past environmental and ecological damage. Numerous new, emerging, and proposed technological applications, including nanotechnology, biotechnology, alternative energy research, and improved transportation methods, all hold great promise for bioremediation.

Perhaps information technology does not appear to be a particularly useful tool for reestablishing ecological balance in the Earth’s environment. However, computer-assisted systems and technologies have been shown to be extremely beneficial in this process.

Remote sensing, advanced satellite and photo imaging, and computer modeling have all aided scientists in developing a more comprehensive understanding of the environment and ecological issues. These tools enable researchers to more precisely identify ecological systems and the threats and impediments that threaten the delicate natural equilibrium that sustains them.

Additionally, scientists can project future threats to an ecosystem and develop remedial strategies based on these findings by employing highly complex computer-aided modeling programs that replicate the numerous variables and characteristics that interact within an ecological system. Similarly, computer-aided models of ecosystems can be used to determine the extent of damage that would be caused to the area under various scenarios and the efficacy of various intervention efforts.

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