Nursing research paper

A nursing research paper is part of the nursing essay. It requires detailed research and authentication about the topic to write a nursing research paper. There are two principal types of nursing research papers: Qualitative and Quantitative nursing papers. A nursing research paper should not lose quality as compared to quantity. Medical instructors and doctors cannot compromise the quality. If you want to write a nursing research paper, you should gather the facts, accurate figures, and relevant information about the medical profession.
Writing a nursing research paper is more complicated than writing a nursing essay and nursing term paper. Learners should be aware of all the research made in the field of the medical profession to write a nursing research paper.

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Nursing Research Paper Outline

A nursing research paper is a piece of writing written by nursing students to illustrate a particular topic. Nurses may also perform this function in the fields of nursing administration, clinical practice, nursing education, nursing methodology, and assessment.

The study is conducted systematically with the objective of examining specific facets and drawing conclusions about a given subject.

The following is an outline for a nursing research paper:

1. Title Page

This is the first page of the research paper and should include the following:

  • Paper’s title.
  • Writer’s name.
  • Writer’s affiliations.
  • Contact information for the author set to receive feedback about the paper.

2. Abstract

The abstract appears at the beginning of the paper but is typically prepared after completing the remainder of the document. It is intended to serve as a concise overview of the rest of this paper. It consists of the following:

  • Purpose of the paper.
  • The paper’s contents.
  • The results will be obtained upon carrying out the research.
  • The conclusion that you will make after your study.

3. Introduction.

The beginning should give the reader a general overview of what you did during the research process and why you did it. It introduces the paper’s subject, emphasizing its significance. The introduction is brief, consisting of just a handful of paragraphs.

4. Literature Review.

A literature review follows the introduction. It cites and explains nursing and medical writings by other authors that are relevant to your topic. It provides a channel for new concepts and ideas to enter your article. The literature review demonstrates to the reader that you are familiar with previous literary works on the subject.

5. Research Methodology

The internet is the best resource for conducting relevant research for your literature review. You’ll be able to access directories relating to your subject and some of the literary works relevant to the paper you’re creating. Your research should be based on peer-reviewed journals in nursing or medicine. This section contains the following:

  • Methodology.
  • Exploratory questions.
  • Research procedures.
  • Human participants and ethics precautions.

6. Results and Discussions.

This section should provide the results of your research. A table, graph, or chart can be used to present the data. Justify each finding or conclusion you present. Ensure that you provide sufficient context for your reader to comprehend what you have presented.

7. Conclusions and Recommendations.

Conclude your work by writing research conclusions. Create a summary of the material you’ve presented throughout the paper. You should also provide recommendations on any novel ideas pertaining to your research topic.

8. References

After the body, you should include your references on their own page. Your references should include the authors’ names, the year of publication, the title, the page number, the city of publication, and the publisher.