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Components of Nursing Annotated Bibliography

The nursing annotated bibliography is subdivided into numerous components, each of which is given considerable weight. According to well-known Australian nursing annotated bibliography authors, the following critical components are necessary, with each section receiving its own credit:

1. Citation details-

The first element of a nursing annotated bibliography is the source’s citation details. Generally, APA or Harvard citation styles are used to reference various sources. The reference list at the end of the annotated bibliography must follow the same format.

2. Goal of choosing a source-

The primary rationale for including a particular source of literature in the annotated bibliography is to present the work concisely using short sentences.

3. Solid understanding of the article listed in the annotated bibliography-

The writer should include information about the intended audience for the document in this component. This section must also include the writer’s perspective on the publication.

4. Evaluation of author’s work-

This section evaluates the chosen source or piece of literature by offering a critical perspective and noting the research’s limitations.

5. Conclusion-

A conclusion to the research should be offered by stressing the importance of the paper to the whole study.

6. Establishing a connection with one’s own research-

The connection between selected sources and the author’s own research is to be established by connecting the author’s results to his or her own theory.

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