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The Structure of Excellent Nursing Research Papers

The ability to create a nursing research paper effectively necessitates the use of a suitable framework.

The nursing research paper should follow the standard structure of a research paper or the framework that is commonly used in scientific domains.

This format is more theoretical in nature and may include sections such as an introduction, a literature review, a methodological section, results, discussions, and conclusions.

In contrast, as indicated previously for psychology research papers, the structure should comprise the following components: introduction, literature review, materials and methods, results, discussion, conclusion, and references.


The introduction of a nursing research paper typically begins with this section. It should ideally be written last.

  • It should be a succinct and complete synopsis of the entire research project piece.
  • As such, the abstract should provide factual information on the contents of the work, including the following: 1) purpose, 2) results, and 3) conclusions.
  • The reader must be able to acquire a sense of the entire work simply by reading the abstract.
  • It is critical that it is precise. Although the length of the abstract varies according to school, instructor, and publisher, it should typically be around 150 words.


This is essentially the first section of the actual writing of nursing research papers. It is intended to serve as a backdrop for the remainder of the research investigation.

  • It summarizes the study’s purpose (thesis statement), the rationale for doing the study, the research techniques involved, and the findings.
  • The opening should be succinct but thorough.
  • Most importantly, you ought to be able to grab the reader’s curiosity.

Literature review:

Another crucial component of a nursing research paper is the review of relevant literature.

  • Its objective is to identify contemporary medical, nursing, and healthcare-related materials that are relevant to the nursing research issues under consideration.
  • A systematic internet search should be used to conduct the literature review. This step should include a search for pertinent journals, books, and policy documents.
  • Keep in mind that you can only use reputable sources.
  • Notably, the literature study should include a critical examination of the ideas contained in the various sources.
  • Additionally, it should demonstrate your comprehension of literature relevant to the nursing essays subjects being studied.
  • As such, you should use it to lay the groundwork for innovative ideas and concepts in the research article on which you are now writing.

Materials and methods:

This is a vital section of nursing research articles. Typically, it establishes the accuracy and relevance of the research study in question.

  • This section needs you to detail the steps involved in conducting the research study.
  • The materials and methods section contains critical information about the population, sample, and design of the research study.


The results section is meant to show all of the data that was found in the materials and methods section.

  • This presentation should include text, figures, and tables.
  • Generally, graphic information is preferred in this section.
  • All figures and tables ought to be accurately labeled with the appropriate units.


The results reported in the results section should be discussed in detail in the discussion section.

  • This discussion should attempt to provide context for the research study’s data.
  • A good nursing research paper should be able to explain the study’s implications.
  • Such implications should be used to describe the thesis statement’s supporting themes. It should incorporate both the data gathered and the research topic(s) under consideration.


The conclusion should summarize the major points covered throughout the research project. It is essentially a synopsis of the study paper’s key points.

  • This part should attempt to combine all of the nursing research paper’s main or central points.
  • Additionally, it should conclude by emphasizing the connection between the study’s findings and the thesis statement.

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