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Basic Concepts of Nursing

Nurse activities are based on four central considerable concepts or spheres, which can be thoroughly discussed in your nursing case study:
a. A Person as individuality.
b. The surrounding environment.
c. health.
d. Nurse business.

a. A Person as individuality.

The first broad concept is the person as individuality. In an extensive sense, this idea relates to all people. However, many theories about the idea of the person state that every person is a biological, psychological, social, and spiritual human being. These components form a single whole of the person-patient (integral, holistic approach); they are peculiar to all people, but the individual for every one of us – that is why they reflect the personality of every man. The topic “Person as Individuality” can become a sound basis for nursing research papers. Such research should be completed as there is nothing more important than another person’s health, so a nurse should get very detailed and in-depth knowledge in the sphere by conducting research, and this way, the nurse, can provide the necessary treatment to others.

b. The surrounding environment.

The second significant concept is the surrounding environment, the patient’s company, which usually includes all external factors influencing the patient. The surrounding environment has always influenced the life-sustaining activity of man as an essential factor for disease prevention. When writing a nursing research paper, it would be appropriate to remind you that the surrounding environment is divided into:
• Physical aspect involves geographic location, climate, air quality, water, etc.
• Social element that plays a considerable role when forming the personality of the patient under the nurse’s care (family, school, friends, acquaintances, fellow workers)
• The Cultural aspect covers the person’s behavior and relationships with other people (language, traditions, customs, beliefs, communication style).

Every patient has a lot of different responses of an individual organism to changes in external factors of the surrounding environment. This formation includes personal, psychological, intellectual, and interpersonal points, which can affect the person’s reaction to their situation. A nurse needs to manage the relationship with the patient (therefore, a nurse has to possess critical thinking in nursing) according to the surrounding environment where this patient lives and works. If these relationships are advantageous, they will drive a nurse and the patient to success during care provision.

c. health.

The third broad concept of nurse activities is health, which may differ depending on different life stages of the person’s development and other factors. Health is intimately connected with the person’s adaptation to external and internal stressors. It is not so complicated to compose a nursing review concerning the abovementioned issue as a highly qualified nurse. Throughout life, the person uncovers maximal individual potential opportunities through adaptation. Health is an aim that should be pursued; nursing homework help services, one way or another, are intimately connected with health issues. This notion includes independent living skills; it provides the feeling of the organism and the surrounding environment’s integrity and ability to overcome stresses through adaptation. In any way, nurses are an inseparable part of the notion; of health services. In the modern medical world, these people have to be competitive and, as a result, possess the knowledge of correct writing concerning nursing Curriculum Vitae. The task of writing a resume may not be a piece of cake, and what should we do in this case? The solution is to address it through professional writing services and get qualified nursing resume help.

d. Nurse business.

The fourth significant concept is the nurse business. It is the main core of all theories. The nurse business involves the functions of a nurse and her role while cooperating with the patient. You may get a nursing essay help when you know that nurses’ actions are targeted at examining the patient’s organism reactions to illness, emotional support, help, and care for patients with corporals. At the same time, nurses teach patients how to keep healthy throughout a lifetime and instruct them regarding preventing diseases and exacerbating current illnesses. To become a qualified nurse and get a position, one has to learn how to write a nursing resume. This profession is a primordial art that focuses on care for the patient. Art and science are firmly united here.

If you dream of becoming a nurse, there is no doubt that you will need such papers as a nursing resume in the future. Sometimes, the process of writing these documents can turn out to be a challenge. Considering this fact, do not worry about it and order your nursing student cover letter and other kinds of papers at Superior Nursing Papers.

While working, a nurse faces psychological, spiritual, social, and physical aspects of the patient as an individual, not only the patient’s diagnosis. Besides, nurses fulfill other work, such as preparing a nursing report. In other words, a nurse’s range of interests involves the person’s reactions to interacting with the surrounding environment. These responses come under the influence of the person’s previous experience, the condition of such environment, social and economic factors, and dynamics of family relationships. Moreover, a future nurse can examine these reactions closer when writing various nursing articles as part of the academic assignment. Nurse business is an art of patient-centered care during illness and help provided in achieving life-long maximal health potential.

More often than not, future nurses need help writing nursing papers as many have part-time jobs.

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