2. investigate the benefits of starting to induce hypothermia in the pre-hospital post-cardiac arrest patient. 3. Is there a benefit of beginning hypothermic measures prior to hospital arrival? 2nd topic 1) My research topic is patient satisfaction with procedural healthcare, particularly hip replacements and/or hernia meshes. 2) The problem I want to investigate is how procedures are faulty done and how to avoid or halt this from happening all together. 3) How can we as healthcare providers deliver a safe and truthful procedure to our patients satisfaction? 3rd topic 1. My topic is about the increasing burden on the EMS system due to the changes in healthcare, the lack of primary care, and a population of people who are living longer. 2. Can we develop a better system of triage and routing of patients to a more appropriate facility? 3. Can Paramedics and telemedicine change the face of healthcare?