Compare the U.S. Health Care System with that of another country utilizing a specific focused health topic to aid in the comparison. Choose a country and topic; then
compare it to the U.S. The paper should describe the model or models used and compare financing delivery systems and outcomes. The paper should describe costs
access and quality and how values and ethics drive and/or impede if any the operation of their systems.
Organize the research paper into the following sections:
1. Introduction Introduce the comparison countrys health care system and outline the particular descriptions of the comparisons you plan to make including the
specific health topic. (1-2 pages).
2. Current research or data (from literature) on the topic Should include a discussion of the findings presented in at least 3 articles selected from recent
(within last five years) peer-reviewed journals or scientific publications (you may in addition select news articles from periodicals) (2 pages).
3. Describe compare and contrast the US health care system with the country you have chosen. As you describe the most important aspects of each countrys
system be sure to give discrete examples facts and statistics impacts and/or outcomes to illustrate the similarities and the differences. Be sure to describe
challenges that each system experiences and detail efforts to address those challenges. Are there implications that can be drawn from this comparison that could lead
to improvements for one or the other or for both countries? (2 pages).
4. Include discussion throughout your paper any limitations of the research and comparisons presented in your paper.
5. References.
Follow APA format and include an abstract.
Limit the length of the paper to no more than six (6) pages. Use a 12-point font size.
Research paper activities and content will be graded as follows:
Paper Points
Introduction 15
Description comparison of countries using current research or data (from literature) on the topic 35
Discussion and Summary/Conclusion 25
Grammar spelling and other format considerations 25
Subtotal for Paper 100Combined Total for Paper Homework and Paper 150