Case study Part A Mark is 23, lives with his girlfriend and works as a chef. One Saturday night Mark attends a large party at a friend’s place. Later on in the night, one of Mark’s friends pulls out some fireworks. Heavily intoxicated by alcohol, Mark grabs one of the fireworks and lights it. The firework explodes in his hand… You are the nurse working in an Emergency Department and are to care for a patient brought in by paramedics to the resuscitation room. He is 23 and a firework has exploded in his hand. He is suffering from severe burns to his right hand, arm and part of his chest. Using the ABCDEFG algorithm of assessment, outline the priorities of nursing care for Mark based on the limited information provided in the case study (1400words). Part B Mark has been transferred to D6 Surgical Ward after spending the past month in a Burns Unit. As a result of the severe burns suffered by Mark during the explosion he has had his right hand (dominant hand) amputated and has extensive scarring to his arm and chest impairing his range of motion. You are the nurse caring for Mark on D6. Critically analyse what you will need to do as a nurse to prepare for Mark to be discharged home. For this you will need to utilise the Roper, Logan and Tierney Model for Nursing and also consider who you may need to incorporate from the interdisciplinary team to provide a holistic and collaborative approach to care (1400words.) This assessment should include a brief introduction and conclusion (approximately 100 words each) that summarises your learning. This assessment should be structured as per the University’s assessment handbook guidelines. All information should be supported with current evidence from quality sources such as prescribed textbooks, journal articles, policies, procedures, guidelines and other reputable resources.