Internal code- MAS4466 Nursing Assignment Questions- George is a 27 year old single male who has had four admissions in the past to the local acute MH service. He was diagnosed with schizophrenia in his late teens, this is a diagnosis that he is not comfortable with, nor agrees with, and is reluctant to take the prescribed medications to endeavour to treat his illness. George is currently admitted to the acute unit on an assessment order because of non-adherence to medication. His current medication is Risperidone. This is further complicated by the fact that George has a long history of using cannabis. George prefers to use cannabis to treat his illness, rather than the medication prescribed by the psychiatrist. Critically examine health factors that might complicate George’s adherence to his prescribed medication of Risperidone, drawing upon current Mental Health Nursing evidence to support nursing strategies that can assist George in gaining better adherence to his prescribed medication and write an essay. 14 total views, 2 views today