Health sciences and medicine Project description Please answer the questions fully, providing as much detail as possible. Although I have not provided a minimum word count none of these question are 2 or 3 sentence answers, so please do your research and answer the questions accurately. • Describe situations in which state laws may permit a minor to consent to treatment without an adult’s consent. Explain the rationale for such laws. • Explain the principle of Good Samaritan laws. Discuss one way that you believe such laws are beneficial to society and one way that you believe they are detrimental to society. • Name and describe three of the six ways that electronic records differ from paper records. • Describe the three elements that, together, make information “PHI.” • Define fraud and abuse and provide examples of each. • A corporation’s governing board members have a fiduciary duty to the corporation. Describe the elements (duties) that are part of fiduciary duty. Give an example where each might be violated.