Define information technology. Talk about the development of technology and the acceptance of it by users. How technology has benefited the society more specifically the HEALTH CARE SECTOR.MAIN FOCUS should be on ROBOTIC SURGERY! Define robotic surgery. How it has benefited the health care sector. Critcallyy evaluate the different studies on patients perception towards robotic surgery. i.e. fear anxiety misconeptions etc. Talk about the advantages and disadvantages towards this kind of surgical method and peoples views towards robotic surgery. Make reference to all surgeries where robots have been used and link it to patients perception.A psychological theoretical framework needs to be applied as it is a psychology literature review. Make references to different theories that link to dissertation title. e.g. Fishbein & Ajzen Theory of reason action (TRA) and others.Towards the end mention the lack of research in the area of robotic surgery on patients perception. Hence the reason for this studyUse different kind of Academic Journals Books Studies and etc. Use NHS Website and mention statistics. please critically evaluate throughout.Some references which may help:
Ahmad A Ahmad ZF Carleton JD et al. Robotic surgery: Current perceptions and the clinical evidence. Surg Endosc 2016Boys JA Alicuben ET DeMeester MJ et al. Public perceptions on robotic surgery hospitals with robots and surgeon that use them. Surg EndoscVargas Mv et al (2016) Patient perception of robotic surgery for Benign Gynecologic Disease.