Nurse Leadership Interview

Leadership Interview and Reflection Paper-Appendix D You may select to interview a person in a leadership position. The person must be responsible in some capacity for other employees. The interview may be conducted by phone, email or in person. This nurse manager may be from a variety of health care areas: Hospital Unit Managers; Chief Nurses; Home Health Director of Nursing; Nursing Home Director of Nursing; Unit Charge Nurse or if not listed you may approach your faculty to determine if the individual you want to interview is appropriate. As with all papers, utilize APA format. The Interview Paper must be APA formatted and should have: a Title Page; Interview section the paper should be a minimum of 3 but no more than 5 pages, Reflection portion should not be more than 2 pages (each student reflection), and a Reference Page. See Appendix D for grading rubric Interview section: In your interview, include the name of the leader and his or her position, organization or field the leader works in, and length of time in position. Below are some questions you may ask the leaders. Include at least 10 questions in your interview-List these. 1. Describe the organization that you work in, including the culture of the organization and your responsibilities as a leader. 2. Describe your leadership style. 3. Describe the steps taken to get in your current leadership position. 4. What has been your biggest challenge as a leader? 5. What has been your greatest achievement as a leader? Reflection: Include a citation to one Leadership Article of your choosing and attach copy Each group member must write their own reflection portion related to the interview. 1. What did you learn about the connection between culture, health career roles, and leadership from conducting this interview? How can this improve your leadership abilities? 2. What surprised you, if anything, about the interview. 3.Were there any nuances to the leader’s responses, which may be attributed to healthcare roles or cultural differences in leadership behaviors discussed in the module? please use this question to write the paper