Outline key advantages of using Reflective Practice as a nursing student. Discuss how reflective practice can
impact on the student nurse giving examples. Your discussion should also be supported with references from
credible and recent academic sources.
The assignment is required to be submitted in an essay style format which includes ECU cover sheet with
ELP, title page, contents page, and end-text reference list. Please see SNM Assignment Writing Guidelines
provided under Assignments tab. The essay should be structured with an introduction, body paragraphs
outlining main ideas and a conclusion. It is recommended to use headings to organise your essay and these
will be reflected in your Table of Contents. * Please note: only paraphrasing is to be used in this essay. There
is to be no direct quotes.
Your discussion should be supported with references that are required to be up-to-date (not older than 7
years). A minimum of eight references, including at least 5 peer reviewed journal articles, must be used to
support your ideas with appropriate citation. The word limit of your essay is 1000 words +/- 10% (100 words).
If it is beyond that, penalties will apply. The word limit does not include the cover sheet, title page, contents
page, or end-text reference list. In review, your essay will be marked considering several aspects that include
the structure, content, presentation and referencing.
Assignment instructions
Correct introduction structure (thesis statement which is clearly written, detailed and specific; must•
include contextual information such as definitions (if appropriate); identification of potential scope/
limitations of essay)
Content and terminology are accurate•
Main body:
Correct paragraph writing structure (one idea per paragraph, effective topic sentence which reflect main•
idea of paragraph, logical sequence, links and relationships between key points)
Clear connection to the main ideas outlined in introduction•
Content and terminology are accurate•
Strength and relevance of essay’s analysis/ discussion•
Well-crafted supporting material / research which elaborates on topic sentence•